Empirical Methods II

Graduate course, Harvard Kennedy School, Spring 2021 - 2022

Spring 2022: Overall Effectiveness 4.85/5

Selected feedback:

  • …[Y]ou’ve struck gold with Ben! I found the review section notes and slides exceptional — even if we couldnt get through all the content in the time with Ben, he made sure to focus on the things we were struggling with and still make good pace through the slides and then direct us to anything we didn’t have time for.

Spring 2021: Overall Effectiveness 4.61/5

Selected feedback:

  • I can’t believe this is Ben’s first time teaching — he’s incredibly good at it and I hope he continues for a long time!
  • Ben is wonderful — he is so helpful and takes a lot of time to make sure that you understand difficult concepts and that he answers questions clearly and comprehensively.